Home Base: Positano
Adopted playground: Amalfi Coast, Surrentine Peninsula, Naples, Pompeii, Capri, Paestum

Professional hiking & cultural heritage guide. She’s a really nice girl, deeply knowledgeable on hstory, lore, and traditions. Born here, grew up here, spent some time for work/study in UK and Spain. She really loves her job and her house is just 30 meters from the path of the Gods. She passed the exam to be a full licensed tour guide (so even monuments, historic and cultural heritages are in her possibilities, not only hikes) and she is studying for her second degree, in history of fine arts.

Indeed she’ll be the right choise if you are looking for an Amalfi Coast tour guide.

These phrases from reviews on her, stolen mostly from TripAdvisor, are the proof of what she truly is, what could happens with her tours:

[…]Lucy is so knowledgeable and explains everything along the way – the vegetation, the history of the path and some interesting stories as well. Lucy is also very considerate of the needs of each walker, making sure everyone is comfortable along the way plus providing some tips to those who are non-hikers on how to safely manage the walk.

[…]pointing out plants and hidden cave-like residences, giving little history lessons…. she must have done this dozens and dozens of times but it felt genuine and not rehearsed
Clearly she enjoys her job!

[…]Lucy was sensitive to everyone’s pace needs.

[…]Lucy has a delightful sense of humor and a love of her land,
attentive to individuals’ needs and passionate about her location.

[…]Zia Lucy was organised, on time, friendly and fun. Lucy is a delight to be with, full of information and great insights, but not full of herself.

[…]Lucy has a comfortable presence and a great command of the history and Italian culture.

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