Hi, I’m the Amalfi Coast Insider, as a local guide I’ll be your gateway on these jaw-dropping lands.

The five Ws:

What is this place?

This site is my pet project, nothing more. I have tons of projects, most involving my job, and I deeply loves everyone but this is my favourite. Here you’ll find the answers to all your question about the Amalfi coast, don’t be shy, ask! As a local guide, and doing it for free, I’ll be able to tell you the truth about these places, without the filter of kickbacks, providing genuine rock solid facts, checking everything personally (I sleep at home so no, generally I won’t write about accomodations).

Where could you find me?

Around the Amalfi coast, Surrentine peninsula or, precisely, in Positano. A couple of big agencies covers quite all my year long and I spend all my free time between legworking around these small towns, on books researching and wandering around Lattari mountains. So don’t be angry if I can’t please you, I’ll be happy to put you onto one of my colleagues (all nice, well educated, experienced and knowledgeable). If my mobile is switched off it means I’m busy, you could try to send me an email, expect a reply in 2-3 days.

When I decided to create this place?

Around the end of 2014 in first place, lately it took a couple of months to define the guidelines, theme, kind of content and now here we are!

Why a local guide should share his knowledge for free?

Why not? Let’s be clear, I live of these informations about the Amalfi coast and here you’ll find quite a lot, for sure more than you could expect from a free website and much more than you’ll need to wandering yourself around these places, but it isn’t all my knowledge. Why not? two main reasons, the first is simply because I have the right, and the obligation, to offer something unique to my clients: as a local guide here on the Amalfi coast I must give them, my clients, the opportunity to live a lifetime emotion and this highly customised experience, tailor-made just for their needs, will be possible only if I give something singular, something unique. By the way, there are things I just keep for me and my girlfriend and something else only for my eyes. Deal with it 😉

The second one: honestly, don’t you think that doing the exact things I write here means living somebody else experience? Come on, go around and get lost in a tiny street. You’ll enjoy it.

Who am I?

I have been an AIGAE (the Italian Association for Professional Nature and Walking Guide) guide since it wasn’t mainstream. Born in these spectacular lands I spent all my childhood, and a great part of my youth’s spare time, wandering around the Amalfi coast paths, staring at every strange stuff I could find (insects, leaves or small animals were, and still are, interesting for me), asking elderly people of everything from food to old games, from oldschool construction techniques to meaning of nicknames (you are a local when you have a nickname). I travelled, worked, studied, hiked around the globe, from USA to France, from Laos to UK, from Finland to Vietnam, from Spain to Cambodia, from Holland to Malaysia, with a glaring preference for south east asia. Lived in one of the internationally accepted capitals of fashion and design, Milan, for many years. Then finally came back to my precious Amalfi coast to be also a local guide.

As a native I speak a quite good italian ;), a sufficient english, a little bit of french and some words of spanish. I offer my services only in english, rarely in italian.

I am a straightforward person trying to be as politically correct as to not offend anyone but I have to admit that usually is really challenging… so I just stick to my straightforwardness.

I’m genuinely curious about everything.

I don’t need written instructions to consult at every decision point in my life. I can behave morally and making independent moral decisions using my own intelligence and experience. So no, while I whink about myself a really open minded person I’m not a believer.

My taste in music is quite eclectic, from Verdi to Led Zeppelin going through Zero Seven, Riuchy Sakamoto, Ludovico Einaudi or even Eminem.

I am not a social media animal but try hard to be present.

I take local comfort food seriously. Seriously. No jokes on that.

My family is quite big, I’m the 26th cousin of 28. Yes, correct, twentyeight.

I’m an early bird. Also like a switch! I wake up around 05.30 and get ready in 5 minutes. I mean, I can really be outside the house, dressed, with some food in my mouth. I’m also a fast asleep person. If I am in the bed and not doing sex I can fell asleep in the same 5 minutes of the morning.

I don’t wear watches but always on time, on the dot.

Well, that’s all folks!

Do you still have some questions on the Amalfi Coast Insider project? on me as a local guide? simply ask, I’ll be happy to satisfy your curiosity.


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