When people talk about Italy, they focus upon the ancient churches, the famous art museums, and the Roman ruins. But there is a landscape in the southern part of Italy that has become a very popular tourist destination not just for those living in this region but for all those who come to Italy as tourists. It is Amalfi Coast, the stretch of land along the coast of Sorrentine Peninsula. This coastline lies in the province of Salerno in Italy. Visit Amalfi Coast means looking at a beautiful stretch of land that is mountainous in nature. This beautiful coastline is dotted with towns and villages, somehow existing on the cliffs.

For a long period of time, this area consisted of peaceful fishing villages (with interesting stories). But the arrival of tourists has changed the landscape drastically with a large number of hotels coming up inside already cramped villages and towns. With wealthy tourists from not just Europe but also America coming to visit Amalfi coast in search of relaxing holidays in the lap of nature, the area is today full of superb world class hotels and restaurants. There are also excellent bars, pubs, and boat trips for those wanting to have lonely excursions. In short, there is every facility that you can think of when you come here as a tourist in search of wonderful vacation.

For a place that receives so many wealthy tourists from different parts of the world, it is obvious and natural to have pricey amenities. However, for those who are ready to explore the area, there are many affordable options whether it is in terms of accommodation, food or souvenirs. Though the place becomes overcrowded at the peak of summer season, many still find this coastline peaceful and relaxing as it is away from the humdrum of the cities. If you dislike being in an area that overcrowded, it is better to hire the services of a local guide, like Zia Lucy, who knows the area better. A guide will give you a chance to see the locations and spots that are still hidden from the eyes of the mass tourism. I wrote an article about the reasons to visit Amalfi Coast with or without a local guide so you can choose with knowledge.

There was a time when Amalfi, which is today one of the most romantic and laidback tourist destinations of Europe, was not even properly linked through roads. But Lattari Mountains were blasted to create a long stretch of road called Strada Statale 163, SS163. This road is the lifeline linking all the villages and towns that have developed along the coastline. These popular towns include, west to east, Positano, Praiano, Furore, Conca dei Marini, Amalfi, Atrani, Ravello, Minori, Maiori, Cetara, and Vietri sul Mare. Each town has its own specialty though all of them have excellent accommodation and food facilities for the visitors.

Before I forget: Choose your accommodation wisely while visit Amalfi Coast.
Accommodation is not really a problem as the place is dotted with hotels, villas and apartments, all serving to the requirements of the tourists. However, it is better to pause for a moment and think your purpose of stay. If you want an accommodation that you want to make a base to travel the coastline using public transport, you should choose a simple place not so far from the SS163, probably an affordable b&b nearby, do not forget, Amalfi Coast is a really vertical place, what seems really near on a map could be at 600 steps from the nearest bus stop! However, you can also go for an extra luxury hotel if you have come here for your leisure holidays.