Usually I can’t be hired. I’m so sorry, I deeply love my job and, as a local guide, sharing my knowledge about these lands is the only way of life I know. Fortunately, or unfortunately, it depends on your point of view, I work for some companies that keep me busy all year long.
Inside these pages you should find everything you’ll need to cherry pick the top notch of the Amalfi Coast but, don’t be shy, email me if you have question, I’ll be happy to help
. Just don’t expect a fast reply.

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The Amalfi Coast Insider Guide Positano (SA) Send me an email, it’s easier that you’ll receive a reply via mail than a call and, by the way, never trust an answering machine! Email:

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I’m the Amalfi Coast Insider, a local guide. Grew up here, studied abroad, hiked around the globe, returned to share my passion and my knowledge.