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How to do Amalfi Coast on a budget? [7 fast tips explained]


How to do Amalfi coast on a budget

Small and fast tips.

“The Amalfi coast? it is marvellous but really expensive, trust me”. These words represents quite the totality of comments in travel forums. It is true and untrue, at the same time. This small article on how to do Amalfi coast on a budget will help you to find out.

As an Amalfi coast local guide I have to inform you: the Amalfi coast is not an easy place for budget travellers. But it is still possible to enjoy it without draining your finances.

Let’s start this series of articles on how to do the Amalfi coast on a budget with some tips:

Eating affordably and good.

  1. Eating a sandwich, panino (pah/NEE/noh), is really affordable especially if you compare to a beachside restaurant so, while a raw ham sandwich, panino con prosciutto crudo (proh/SHOOT/toh KROOH/doh), bought in an off the beaten path grocery, and eaten on the Positano’s pier could cost between 3€ and 5€ won’t be easy for you to spend less than 15€ for a fast, and not so satisfying, salad on a main road restaurant. This is one of the straight tips on how to do Amalfi coast on a budget.

Transports (public).

  1. Pay attention, this is, after the food one, the most important tip on how to do Amalfi coast on a budget. Public transports, SITA buses, aren’t slower than taxis, are only not at your convenience and, to be honest, overcrowded. Thanks to physics, during high season, but also in normal a sunny weekend, a taxi won’t be able to be much more faster than a bus. It is just quite impossible for the taxis to overtake buses or another taxi. Also, a 24hrs ticket for SITA buses, costs only 10,00€ (12,00€ if you add Mobility Amalfi Coast buses) and let you go around the coast without problem so you could spend a couple of hours in a bus from Sorrento to Amalfi enjoying the jaw-dropping panorama without break your bank account. You have only to be on time, 20-30 minutes early is better, at the bus stop because after the firsts two fasts stops a bus could be early of 10-15 minutes. Do not forget the buses could be overcrowded.
    Watch out! if you miss the last bus, you won’t have any chances but a taxi. And a taxi on the Amalfi Coast could be really expensive. Forewarned is forearmed.

Wake up! Be early.

  1. As a result of long daylight, early birds can do more. Avoiding to stop/eat/travel at traditional hours could let you living your holiday in a better way. For examples, during july the sunrise is at about 05:00 and sunset around 21:00. You can catch the first bus from Sorrento to Amalfi at 06:00 (while the one at 08:00 would be overcrowded) and the return at 19:00 (while the one at 17:00 couldn’t stop to pick you up for the above same reason). Have a small sandwich at 11:00 and eat at 15:00 will let you avoid the flood of people. Nota bene: times are only for didactic purpose, always double check timetables.

Focus on a place at a time.


  1. If you don’t have time do not stress yourself. Choose wisely and don’t waste your time on how to do Amalfi Coast on a budget. Trying to do many things at a time will let you spend twice enjoying half. You have only one life, just saying. Is way better to enjoy only an Amalfi Coast town that have a bad experience of four. My advice as a local guide on how to do the Amalfi coast on a budget is: focus! focus on a town at a time with and, just in case, a second option to fullfill your day. Amalfi or Positano, to name two, are places bigger enough for a whole day tour. With a vast variety of choices from beaches to churches from mountain paths to urban walks.

Choose where to sleep.

Praiano from Positano

  1. Have an Amalfi coast budget to observe is directly related to choose where to sleep. Choosing a bed & breakfast behind the front line instead of a shore line 5 stars hotel could let you spend a whole week on the Amalfi coast instead of three days/two nights. As a native I must inform you: panoramas and things to do are outside your hotel, not inside. You go there, in the hotel I mean, mainly to sleep, have a shower and having sex. Do not forget it.

Ask locals. Don’t be shy.

  1. Ask the locals what they’ll do as local could be counterproductive sometimes, I know. Don’t misjudge me, I’m the first who usually ask locals for “insider” informations but the Amalfi Coast is an expensive place, wages are higher than other places around and a lot of locals are usually predisposed to spend more. If you take information from locals just remember to take it with a grain of salt… and common sense. Repeat, spelling, com-mon sense. You could do a hike on the path of the Gods for free (while hiring a guide is the best choice and let you make a connection between you and the locals and history and lores)

Invest your resources on a local Guide

  1. Do not forget that while a good sandwich is a good one even without a story behind, a wonderful tour is like a movie: beautiful if is mute, jaw dropping if you have the right Amalfi Coast local guide who will tell you stories and tales about the Amalfi Coast.

Well, that’s all folks!

In the future I’ll let you discover more on the Amalfi Coast. Small tour guides, just an hour or so, for example. I’ll work on it.

Do you have some burning questions about visiting the Amalfi Coast on budget? as a local guide I’ll be happy to reply.

Introducing myself (and this project)



Hi, I’m the Amalfi Coast Insider, as a local guide I’ll be your gateway on these jaw-dropping lands.

The five Ws:

What is this place?

This site is my pet project, nothing more. I have tons of projects, most involving my job, and I deeply loves everyone but this is my favourite. Here you’ll find the answers to all your question about the Amalfi coast, don’t be shy, ask! As a local guide, and doing it for free, I’ll be able to tell you the truth about these places, without the filter of kickbacks, providing genuine rock solid facts, checking everything personally (I sleep at home so no, generally I won’t write about accomodations).

Where could you find me?

Around the Amalfi coast, Surrentine peninsula or, precisely, in Positano. A couple of big agencies covers quite all my year long and I spend all my free time between legworking around these small towns, on books researching and wandering around Lattari mountains. So don’t be angry if I can’t please you, I’ll be happy to put you onto one of my colleagues (all nice, well educated, experienced and knowledgeable). If my mobile is switched off it means I’m busy, you could try to send me an email, expect a reply in 2-3 days.

When I decided to create this place?

Around the end of 2014 in first place, lately it took a couple of months to define the guidelines, theme, kind of content and now here we are!

Why a local guide should share his knowledge for free?

Why not? Let’s be clear, I live of these informations about the Amalfi coast and here you’ll find quite a lot, for sure more than you could expect from a free website and much more than you’ll need to wandering yourself around these places, but it isn’t all my knowledge. Why not? two main reasons, the first is simply because I have the right, and the obligation, to offer something unique to my clients: as a local guide here on the Amalfi coast I must give them, my clients, the opportunity to live a lifetime emotion and this highly customised experience, tailor-made just for their needs, will be possible only if I give something singular, something unique. By the way, there are things I just keep for me and my girlfriend and something else only for my eyes. Deal with it 😉

The second one: honestly, don’t you think that doing the exact things I write here means living somebody else experience? Come on, go around and get lost in a tiny street. You’ll enjoy it.

Who am I?

I have been an AIGAE (the Italian Association for Professional Nature and Walking Guide) guide since it wasn’t mainstream. Born in these spectacular lands I spent all my childhood, and a great part of my youth’s spare time, wandering around the Amalfi coast paths, staring at every strange stuff I could find (insects, leaves or small animals were, and still are, interesting for me), asking elderly people of everything from food to old games, from oldschool construction techniques to meaning of nicknames (you are a local when you have a nickname). I travelled, worked, studied, hiked around the globe, from USA to France, from Laos to UK, from Finland to Vietnam, from Spain to Cambodia, from Holland to Malaysia, with a glaring preference for south east asia. Lived in one of the internationally accepted capitals of fashion and design, Milan, for many years. Then finally came back to my precious Amalfi coast to be also a local guide.

As a native I speak a quite good italian ;), a sufficient english, a little bit of french and some words of spanish. I offer my services only in english, rarely in italian.

I am a straightforward person trying to be as politically correct as to not offend anyone but I have to admit that usually is really challenging… so I just stick to my straightforwardness.

I’m genuinely curious about everything.

I don’t need written instructions to consult at every decision point in my life. I can behave morally and making independent moral decisions using my own intelligence and experience. So no, while I whink about myself a really open minded person I’m not a believer.

My taste in music is quite eclectic, from Verdi to Led Zeppelin going through Zero Seven, Riuchy Sakamoto, Ludovico Einaudi or even Eminem.

I am not a social media animal but try hard to be present.

I take local comfort food seriously. Seriously. No jokes on that.

My family is quite big, I’m the 26th cousin of 28. Yes, correct, twentyeight.

I’m an early bird. Also like a switch! I wake up around 05.30 and get ready in 5 minutes. I mean, I can really be outside the house, dressed, with some food in my mouth. I’m also a fast asleep person. If I am in the bed and not doing sex I can fell asleep in the same 5 minutes of the morning.

I don’t wear watches but always on time, on the dot.

Well, that’s all folks!

Do you still have some questions on the Amalfi Coast Insider project? on me as a local guide? simply ask, I’ll be happy to satisfy your curiosity.

Zia Lucy

Home Base: Positano
Adopted playground: Amalfi Coast, Surrentine Peninsula, Naples, Pompeii, Capri, Paestum

Professional hiking & cultural heritage guide. She’s a really nice girl, deeply knowledgeable on hstory, lore, and traditions. Born here, grew up here, spent some time for work/study in UK and Spain. She really loves her job and her house is just 30 meters from the path of the Gods. She passed the exam to be a full licensed tour guide (so even monuments, historic and cultural heritages are in her possibilities, not only hikes) and she is studying for her second degree, in history of fine arts.

Indeed she’ll be the right choise if you are looking for an Amalfi Coast tour guide.

These phrases from reviews on her, stolen mostly from TripAdvisor, are the proof of what she truly is, what could happens with her tours:

[…]Lucy is so knowledgeable and explains everything along the way – the vegetation, the history of the path and some interesting stories as well. Lucy is also very considerate of the needs of each walker, making sure everyone is comfortable along the way plus providing some tips to those who are non-hikers on how to safely manage the walk.

[…]pointing out plants and hidden cave-like residences, giving little history lessons…. she must have done this dozens and dozens of times but it felt genuine and not rehearsed
Clearly she enjoys her job!

[…]Lucy was sensitive to everyone’s pace needs.

[…]Lucy has a delightful sense of humor and a love of her land,
attentive to individuals’ needs and passionate about her location.

[…]Zia Lucy was organised, on time, friendly and fun. Lucy is a delight to be with, full of information and great insights, but not full of herself.

[…]Lucy has a comfortable presence and a great command of the history and Italian culture.

Contact directly Zia Lucy (she’ll reply from her personal mail address not from this domain)

Answer this simple question:

The point of view of a kestrel falcon

Hiking & Trekking the Amalfi Coast.

From breathtaking views, ever present history and culture to the unique paths and trails along the way, Amalfi Coast has for years been a hiker’s true paradise. Walking amongst steps that were carved centuries ago and still very well maintained to this day is simply something that hikers and trekkers alike don’t come across everyday. Whether you are seasoned hiker hoping to cross off Amalfi Coast from your hiking bucket list or are merely looking to take in one of Italy’s most beautiful coastlines, it is sure to be an experience you will not soon forget.

breathtaking views, ever present history and culture

Of course depending on how much time you have during your visit and the main sites and areas you are hoping to see along the way, there are plenty of trails and footpaths to choose from. No matter how experienced you are or what your plans may be, one of the best options is to hire a local guide to take you around the different trails. Though fun either way, having a local guide by your side will allow you to see some of the hidden treasures you may very well have missed out on if they weren’t there to point it out. Whatever you choose to do while hiking or trekking the beautiful Amalfi Coast, here are some of the many different walks you can experience while there…

Sentiero degli Dei / Path of the Gods

One of the more popular options tends to be the Sentiero degli Dei, I dedicated a whole website about the Path of the Gods, footpath and for good reason too. Nearly the entire journey through guarantees hikers stunning views of the Mediterranean that stretches as far as Capri island. Though it was not always the case, there are now buses that make the journey toward this trail, which means no exceptionally vertical staircases to climb before hiking or trekking. With a rise of 200m, this particular hike is 6km (Bomerano to Nocelle), and is sure to be worth every step after coming across so many different beautiful scenes and views.

Marina di Praia

If you are hoping to experience some of the surroundings of Praiano then this is a great option for you. This is a great way to start the day before getting into some other amazing footpaths found on the coast. After passing through the tunnel and making your way down to Marina di Praia, you will be able to witness the many traditional boats on top of the sea each with fishermen hoping to catch their share for the day. As it is above sea level, the entire trail is full of unbeatable views of the coast and various natural caves you will get to witness along the way.

Fiordo di Furore – Sant’Elia

For those who are looking for somewhat of a challenge, this could just be the hiking trail for you. Although not entirely dangerous, many of the walkways become extremely narrow at times and will require some support from your hands because of it. Altogether, this lovely hike full of magnificent views, terraces, plenty of flowers and valleys will keep you from wanting this particular trek to never come to an end.

Fiordo di Furore – Punta Tavolo

Being surrounded by unspoilt nature and entering into a romantic ravine up to Punta Tavolo is a defnite must when hiking along the Amalfi Coast. With its very close proximity to Amalfitana, it is easy to reach and just far enough from the busy city to create some peace and pristine conditions for your hike. This particular one will includes of course great views of the sea, a chance to gaze at some beautiful villas and a sense of charm at nearly every step along the way.


The highest peaks of Amalfi Coast
Faito, S. Angelo a tre pizzi, Tre calli

More of a broad trekking area that is open to many optional routes and turns along the way, making your way through Ravello is an excellent option for those who want to explore viewpoints, olive groves and grand scenery throughout the entire journey. This is a great place to spend an entire day or afternoon in seeing as there is so much to take in and also plenty of restaurants and food options whenever you feel like taking a break between points.

Praiano – Convento di San Domenico

This trek is through several old alleys where they will eventually lead you an ancient monastery.

This trek is through several old alleys where they will eventually lead you to an ancient monastery. Along with gazing at this great architectural building you will see spectacular views of the sea and coastline. Particularly a great place to watch the sun as it dips below the horizon, putting on a show of colors for all onlookers. This trek could be a little challenging, hundreds of steps, making it great for those who are looking for a little workout.

La Baia di Jeranto

For those hoping to get a sense of that mystical feel of the mythologies that take place within the lands, head to Jeranto Bay. This particular trek will take you to the spot where Homer set the Sirens in hopes of seducing Ulysses. Along with that factor, hikers and trekkers will find spectacular views of the blue sea and though it may be just somewhat further than the other hikes, you will come to the beautiful Jeranto beach. Here, you can even take a dip and cool off from the long journey before making your way back to where you started from. Full of nature and a rich flora and fauna within its surroundings, this is a great trek to do while exploring the Amalfi Coast.

No matter where you decide to head to during your visit here or whether you decide to head out with a local guide or not, your time here is sure to be cherished for years to come. Grab a trail map at one of the many stores found along the entire coast and get to hiking and trekking!

Old school snacks I’d like to eat again (and I do!)

I was probably between 7 and 12 years old. I grew up without mobile phones, internet, Pokèmon, not much television and so on. I used to go under the windows of my friends shouting their names to call and go to play soccer or hide & seek or other very local games (I should write on this). Was a simple and happy period, from after lunch to the sunset, just playing with friends. It was a period of high energy expediture, running require a lot of energy and at that age you are like the ocean, unstoppable. How I used to recover that well-invested-waste-of-energy? Relatives!
I have a quite big family, 28 cousins to let you understand, so many uncles, aunts and, clearly, grandparents. In this short recall about that time I’ll write about the bad, the good and the ugly. Not necessarely in this order.

Nuclear Crackers (the bad)

My granny’s (father branch) snack was: crackers, butter and finally sugar. This snack could release the same energy amount of a couple of nuclear bombs. Eatean for years up to the decision of the UN to insert it in the list of banned weapons. Why my granmother use to produce that kind of weapon is easily explained: grannie losts her parents during second world war. She grew up with her sister in absolute poverty so food abundance for her was a priority, on everything. She used to stuff me, and other cousins, like a turkey on the thanksgiving day. Every time we met. Period.

This snack could release the same energy of a couple of nuclear bombs.

As said, it was a period where you had to move your ass if you wanted some fun. The energy we get from that kind of food was immediately consumed with a soccer match, a run on the beach, a hike. It wasn’t a problem.

The healthy snack (the ugly)

Another snack I use to eat was a really healthy one. One of my aunt used to cut a loaf of bread, made with a no-hyper-refined flour like these days, a little bit hard to chew, add a really small pinch of salt and then a drizzle of oil. I usually ate a couple. Time by time she used to squeeze and rub a small scuncillo or spunzillo (IPA: /ˈʃkun’ʧi’llo/ or /spun’tsillo/) tomato on it. It is a sort of fresh bruschetta, without garlic. It was really easy to prepare, fast, tasty, with unprocessed food. Plus, you didn’t need to store in the fridge, and still you don’t!
Now, in these days, I still use to have a snack in this way but I add one anchovy in oil bought from a local fisherman. It is a stronger flavour, a more adult one, couldn’t match my teenager’s taste of the time.

made with viscuotto, a sort of rusk but more roug, and tasty

Rich and tasty (the good)

The last one, probably my preferred, is the rich variant of the above. Made with viscuotto  (IPA: /vi’skwot’to/) , a sort of rusk but more rough, and tasty, the picture below could let you understand.

Is made quite the same way of normal bread then, once cooked, you cut in big loaf and then put again in the oven. At low temperature, for a long time (usually whole night). The moisture inside the bread will evaporate preserving it for a very long time, sometime over a year, depends where you store it. Get one piece and drown it in the water for 5-20 seconds, it depends which variety you have. Then smash, add some chopped tomato, in small pieces, a couple of olives, a slice of garlick and another of onion. Season with abudant basil, a pinch of salt (none if I add my own produced tuna) and olive oil.

Maurizio De Rosa


Home Base: Praiano
Adopted playground: Amalfi Coast, Surrentine Peninsula, Capri

One of the oldest hiking guide around. Well known for his courtesy and peacefulness, is a polyglot and he knows a lot about herbs and local traditions.

Maurizio has excellent knowledge of the area and enthusiastically share his knowledge along the way. His enthusiasm and infectious smile will surely transform your hike in an unforgettable experience.

This came from a review on Trip Advisor, I think is one of the nicest description of a person I’ve ever read, and it is 100% true:

[…]Maurizio is a “salt of the earth” kind of guy. He is the sweetest, most peaceful, fun loving person you will meet on your trip to the Amalfi Coast – if not anywhere. He and his family grew up in Praiano, and his knowledge of just about everything is amazing. While on the walk he will tell you the history of the area, the herbs, fruits, berries, mushrooms that you will encounter along the way. His family once lived in the monastery!

Contact directly Maurizio (he’ll reply from his personal mail address not from this domain)

Answer this simple question:

Pasta and zucchine or zucchini? (how to pronouce, the right way)


Pasta zucchini, please“. Why? why you keep saying zucchini [IPA:/zuˈkiːni/] ? is zucchine [IPA:/zuˈkiːnɛ/]!

Do not worry about it, everyone will understand and, for reason related to latin and dialects, in some places zucchini is still the normal way to call it pasta and zucchine. Without forgetting that many italians also use zucchini.

What follow is a quite annoying explanation why “pasta zucchini” isn’t right but still usable. Continue only if you are keen to have a deeper knowledge about these lands.

Neutral names do not exist in Italian. Each name can be of male or female gender, even if it is an object. In Latin, however, the neutral existed. As a result, words that were previously neutral have become masculine or feminine. For example, the table is a masculine word, but it is an object. Often, the names of fruits and vegetables are declined to feminine. In the dictionary, when looking for words like, banana, apple (mela), pear (pera), orange (arancia), it turns out that they are all female names.

The majority of Italian female names singular in the ending -A and in the plural -E. This is a legacy of the Latin, which, at the first declension, where they were for the most part female names, had endings in the singular with -A and the plural with -AE.

Now, taken in the singular, Zucchina is a feminine name. In the plural passage, it is not possible for the name to change gender. So, the Zucchini yield is not possible and the correct one is Zucchine. In some cases, however, there is an exception to this rule. In some dialects and in gardening there is the word Zucchino and indicates the zucchini plant. So, we will say Zucchini when we refer to the cultivated plants, while we say Zucchine when we talk about the vegetables obtained from these plants.

Since the Zucchine are better known than the Zucchini, or plants from which they get the zucchine, the advice not to be confused is to use the feminine, so Zucchine. Moreover, going to the market, it is difficult to buy a kilo of plants (zucchini), but you can easily buy a kilo of zucchine.

So, you just have to write correctly with Zucchine. Hoping this post have cleared a doubt of the Italian language. Thus, you will no longer have problems asking in correct Italian.

Surely a local guide can let you understand the feeble fragrance between variations of pasta and zucchine. And I’ll be happy to introduce you some recipes in future.


A really fast introduction to the Amalfi Coast


When people talk about Italy, they focus upon the ancient churches, the famous art museums, and the Roman ruins. But there is a landscape in the southern part of Italy that has become a very popular tourist destination not just for those living in this region but for all those who come to Italy as tourists. It is Amalfi Coast, the stretch of land along the coast of Sorrentine Peninsula. This coastline lies in the province of Salerno in Italy. Visit Amalfi Coast means looking at a beautiful stretch of land that is mountainous in nature. This beautiful coastline is dotted with towns and villages, somehow existing on the cliffs.

For a long period of time, this area consisted of peaceful fishing villages (with interesting stories). But the arrival of tourists has changed the landscape drastically with a large number of hotels coming up inside already cramped villages and towns. With wealthy tourists from not just Europe but also America coming to visit Amalfi coast in search of relaxing holidays in the lap of nature, the area is today full of superb world class hotels and restaurants. There are also excellent bars, pubs, and boat trips for those wanting to have lonely excursions. In short, there is every facility that you can think of when you come here as a tourist in search of wonderful vacation.

For a place that receives so many wealthy tourists from different parts of the world, it is obvious and natural to have pricey amenities. However, for those who are ready to explore the area, there are many affordable options whether it is in terms of accommodation, food or souvenirs. Though the place becomes overcrowded at the peak of summer season, many still find this coastline peaceful and relaxing as it is away from the humdrum of the cities. If you dislike being in an area that overcrowded, it is better to hire the services of a local guide, like Zia Lucy, who knows the area better. A guide will give you a chance to see the locations and spots that are still hidden from the eyes of the mass tourism. I wrote an article about the reasons to visit Amalfi Coast with or without a local guide so you can choose with knowledge.

There was a time when Amalfi, which is today one of the most romantic and laidback tourist destinations of Europe, was not even properly linked through roads. But Lattari Mountains were blasted to create a long stretch of road called Strada Statale 163, SS163. This road is the lifeline linking all the villages and towns that have developed along the coastline. These popular towns include, west to east, Positano, Praiano, Furore, Conca dei Marini, Amalfi, Atrani, Ravello, Minori, Maiori, Cetara, and Vietri sul Mare. Each town has its own specialty though all of them have excellent accommodation and food facilities for the visitors.

Before I forget: Choose your accommodation wisely while visit Amalfi Coast.
Accommodation is not really a problem as the place is dotted with hotels, villas and apartments, all serving to the requirements of the tourists. However, it is better to pause for a moment and think your purpose of stay. If you want an accommodation that you want to make a base to travel the coastline using public transport, you should choose a simple place not so far from the SS163, probably an affordable b&b nearby, do not forget, Amalfi Coast is a really vertical place, what seems really near on a map could be at 600 steps from the nearest bus stop! However, you can also go for an extra luxury hotel if you have come here for your leisure holidays.

I’m in Alpha!


Hi all, just to inform that this website is in alpha status. Do not expect too much.
What does it mean in the real world? let me adapt some content from Wikipedia:


Pre-alpha refers to all activities performed during the project before testing. These activities can include requirements analysis, design, development, and testing. Like this case, there are several types of pre-alpha versions. Milestone versions include specific sets of functions and are released as soon as the functionality is complete. At this moment I reached a couple of milestone:
0.sketchup my ideas
1.buy domain
2.choose the CMS (Content Management System) & theme
3.choose the hosting service (not definitive, only a fully working website could give me the right infos to evaluate in the correct way)
4.install framework, config database, eventually some hacks


The alpha phase is the first phase to begin testing (alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, used as the number 1). In this phase, developers generally test. Alpha version can be unstable and could cause crashes or data loss. Alphas may not contain all of the features that are planned for the final version. As you can probably see here and there pieces of design are missing, texts are not even readable. In general, external availability of alpha is uncommon but this is like an opensource project, I need feedbacks so aci.guide has publicly available alpha versions. The alpha phase usually ends with a feature freeze, indicating that no more features will be added. While I’m quite happy of the result I won’t be never fully satisfied (my mom used to say I’m an eternal insatiable). I mean that could be possible to never see the “Alpha” disappear from the home page.


Beta, named after the second letter of the Greek alphabet. This phase generally begins when the site is feature complete but likely to contain a number of known or unknown bugs. So something could go wrong, something could simply not working, the layout could show not as expected. Even some texts could be “strange”. Do not worry, normal behaviour. Speed/performance issues and may still cause crashes or data loss. The focus of beta testing is reducing impacts to users, often incorporating usability testing. The process of delivering a beta version to the users is called beta release and this is typically the first time that the software is available outside of the organization that developed it. Some developers refer to this stage as a preview, preview release, prototype, technical preview / technology preview. And this is a preview release, indeed. Some projects are kept in perpetual beta, where new features and functionality are continually added to the software without establishing a firm “final” release. I think this could be one of these projects, disparagingly called “perpetual beta”

Beta testers are people who actively report issues of betas. Like you.
Just let me know what is not working, I’ll do my best to fix the problem.

Before the adventure begins.


Just some words before giving birth to this site.

Years ago I thought a lot about this project, I really liked the idea to let people discover the Amalfi Coast on their feet. Why? because going around by yourself is fantastic, having the right informations let you experience these places at your own pace and, obviously, “pace” doesn’t mean only how fast you walk, there is more. The fact is that our lives are different and different are the ways we interpret the environment around us. Your sense of beauty, what you hear, your questions… everything’s different. A different pace.
So, while I’m an avid supporter, could we say a booster? of professional local guides, I bare you up to give a look at the maps and informations about the towns of the Amalfi Coast, even the less frequented like Atrani or Cetara, to read about the food and the culture of these lands, to download the trailbooks about the hiking paths so you can experience, at your own pace, these places.

I didn’t have enough spare time so, while in my head ideas never finished to popup, it remained only a project. Some months ago I took this decision, at least to try, and began to built it. Is my pet project, the place where I feel free to share my knowledge about these lands, I really love it and is completely free (if you want to contribute you can do it through donation via Paypal or buying some of my detailed guides). So, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

In my thought this should be your free gateway on the Amalfi Coast but I’m the only one to manage the whole thing, I’m quite busy, english isn’t my mother tongue so if you find some typos, confusing information or so on please inform me. I’ll be happy to fix it, just don’t expect a fast reply. It would be impossible.

Why Minion? because I like it.