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Before the adventure begins.

some words before starting


Just some words before giving birth to this site.

Years ago I thought a lot about this project, I really liked the idea to let people discover the Amalfi Coast on their feet. Why? because going around by yourself is fantastic, having the right informations let you experience these places at your own pace and, obviously, “pace” doesn’t mean only how fast you walk, there is more. The fact is that our lives are different and different are the ways we interpret the environment around us. Your sense of beauty, what you hear, your questions… everything’s different. A different pace.
So, while I’m an avid supporter, could we say a booster? of professional local guides, I bare you up to give a look at the maps and informations about the towns of the Amalfi Coast, even the less frequented like Atrani or Cetara, to read about the food and the culture of these lands, to download the trailbooks about the hiking paths so you can experience, at your own pace, these places.

I didn’t have enough spare time so, while in my head ideas never finished to popup, it remained only a project. Some months ago I took this decision, at least to try, and began to built it. Is my pet project, the place where I feel free to share my knowledge about these lands, I really love it and is completely free (if you want to contribute you can do it through donation via Paypal or buying some of my detailed guides). So, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

In my thought this should be your free gateway on the Amalfi Coast but I’m the only one to manage the whole thing, I’m quite busy, english isn’t my mother tongue so if you find some typos, confusing information or so on please inform me. I’ll be happy to fix it, just don’t expect a fast reply. It would be impossible.

Why Minion? because I like it.