How to do Amalfi coast on a budget

Small and fast tips.

“The Amalfi coast? it is marvellous but really expensive, trust me”. These words represents quite the totality of comments in travel forums. It is true and untrue, at the same time. This small article on how to do Amalfi coast on a budget will help you to find out.

As an Amalfi coast local guide I have to inform you: the Amalfi coast is not an easy place for budget travellers. But it is still possible to enjoy it without draining your finances.

Let’s start this series of articles on how to do the Amalfi coast on a budget with some tips:

Eating affordably and good.

  1. Eating a sandwich, panino (pah/NEE/noh), is really affordable especially if you compare to a beachside restaurant so, while a raw ham sandwich, panino con prosciutto crudo (proh/SHOOT/toh KROOH/doh), bought in an off the beaten path grocery, and eaten on the Positano’s pier could cost between 3€ and 5€ won’t be easy for you to spend less than 15€ for a fast, and not so satisfying, salad on a main road restaurant. This is one of the straight tips on how to do Amalfi coast on a budget.

Transports (public).

  1. Pay attention, this is, after the food one, the most important tip on how to do Amalfi coast on a budget. Public transports, SITA buses, aren’t slower than taxis, are only not at your convenience and, to be honest, overcrowded. Thanks to physics, during high season, but also in normal a sunny weekend, a taxi won’t be able to be much more faster than a bus. It is just quite impossible for the taxis to overtake buses or another taxi. Also, a 24hrs ticket for SITA buses, costs only 10,00€ (12,00€ if you add Mobility Amalfi Coast buses) and let you go around the coast without problem so you could spend a couple of hours in a bus from Sorrento to Amalfi enjoying the jaw-dropping panorama without break your bank account. You have only to be on time, 20-30 minutes early is better, at the bus stop because after the firsts two fasts stops a bus could be early of 10-15 minutes. Do not forget the buses could be overcrowded.
    Watch out! if you miss the last bus, you won’t have any chances but a taxi. And a taxi on the Amalfi Coast could be really expensive. Forewarned is forearmed.

Wake up! Be early.

  1. As a result of long daylight, early birds can do more. Avoiding to stop/eat/travel at traditional hours could let you living your holiday in a better way. For examples, during july the sunrise is at about 05:00 and sunset around 21:00. You can catch the first bus from Sorrento to Amalfi at 06:00 (while the one at 08:00 would be overcrowded) and the return at 19:00 (while the one at 17:00 couldn’t stop to pick you up for the above same reason). Have a small sandwich at 11:00 and eat at 15:00 will let you avoid the flood of people. Nota bene: times are only for didactic purpose, always double check timetables.

Focus on a place at a time.


  1. If you don’t have time do not stress yourself. Choose wisely and don’t waste your time on how to do Amalfi Coast on a budget. Trying to do many things at a time will let you spend twice enjoying half. You have only one life, just saying. Is way better to enjoy only an Amalfi Coast town that have a bad experience of four. My advice as a local guide on how to do the Amalfi coast on a budget is: focus! focus on a town at a time with and, just in case, a second option to fullfill your day. Amalfi or Positano, to name two, are places bigger enough for a whole day tour. With a vast variety of choices from beaches to churches from mountain paths to urban walks.

Choose where to sleep.

Praiano from Positano

  1. Have an Amalfi coast budget to observe is directly related to choose where to sleep. Choosing a bed & breakfast behind the front line instead of a shore line 5 stars hotel could let you spend a whole week on the Amalfi coast instead of three days/two nights. As a native I must inform you: panoramas and things to do are outside your hotel, not inside. You go there, in the hotel I mean, mainly to sleep, have a shower and having sex. Do not forget it.

Ask locals. Don’t be shy.

  1. Ask the locals what they’ll do as local could be counterproductive sometimes, I know. Don’t misjudge me, I’m the first who usually ask locals for “insider” informations but the Amalfi Coast is an expensive place, wages are higher than other places around and a lot of locals are usually predisposed to spend more. If you take information from locals just remember to take it with a grain of salt… and common sense. Repeat, spelling, com-mon sense. You could do a hike on the path of the Gods for free (while hiring a guide is the best choice and let you make a connection between you and the locals and history and lores)

Invest your resources on a local Guide

  1. Do not forget that while a good sandwich is a good one even without a story behind, a wonderful tour is like a movie: beautiful if is mute, jaw dropping if you have the right Amalfi Coast local guide who will tell you stories and tales about the Amalfi Coast.

Well, that’s all folks!

In the future I’ll let you discover more on the Amalfi Coast. Small tour guides, just an hour or so, for example. I’ll work on it.

Do you have some burning questions about visiting the Amalfi Coast on budget? as a local guide I’ll be happy to reply.


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